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Three Steps to a Great Cold Brew

First, the Grind.

Select any amazing coffee at least 3 days off roast and grind to the optimal particle size, which is should be a little finer than sea salt. Using a nylon straining bag placed in a container where the grounds can be suspended, thus not coming into contact with any part of the vessel and only interacting with the water.

Next, the Water.


For each gallon of coffee you'll need to use one gallon of room temperature water-filtered water. If you use Costco bottled water blend 75% bottled water to 25% tap water. This water ratio will yield the preferred ppm for this brew method.

Lastly, the Steep.

Place the grounds in the vessel and slowly add the filtered water. Add approximately 80% of the total water slowly within the first 3 minutes pouring in a circular motion of the suspended grounds. Then, wait 3 minutes and add the rest of the water, making certain that all grounds are wet and in constant water contact. It's also helpful to keep this refrigerated and as air tight as possible, oxygen is always an enemy!

Way to go! Now, wait 16 hours and remove the suspended grounds, cleaning the nylon bag free of all grounds. Once the nylon bag is clean, filter the newly created coffee concentrate into a new vessel and store in the refrigerator. The coffee concentrate should keep for more than 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Note the concentrate ratio should be 1 part concentrate to 2 or 3 part other liquid depending on your desire to make various toddy centric beverages.

Enjoy your COLD BREW!